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Since the latest technology (Around The Globe) came into presence, https://www.telrod.com is the online data community for Nepal where you can find best of the Nepal on one place and also the market cost about merchandise . The site endeavor to offers guests all the data they look for about Nepal.  I became more enthusiast to play with Gadgets & Tech and new stuff Day By Day and I learned so much from YouTube and Google, all I have in my mind are happened by my self-learning capabilities. So here, I am sharing my Knowledge with blogs and Youtube channels & So on.

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https://www.telrod.com is my Thirth websites which is in TECH niche, where you can find all the Tips, Tricks, Reviews, News and Tutorials. We provide daily News, Sports,tricks to enhance Computers, Android Updates (rooting, ROM flashing etc), apps and games and many more.

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